A beautiful raw vegan cheesecake pre-cut into 12 slices and made up of an assorted mix of fabulously fruity flavours.



2 x Peach Melba.

2 x Vanilla Berry.

2 x Strawberry.

2 x Lemon & Passionfruit.

2 x Blackberry Maqui Mango.

2 x Blueberry Lemon.


*delivered locally in and around the Bournemouth area.


*We need a minimum of 72 hours notice for your order (if needed sooner, please contact to check as we may still be able to do it).

Feeling Fruity

  • Standard ingredients in each flavour: cashews, buckwheat, coconut, date, maple, vanilla, sea salt.




    Peach Melba - fresh peach, fresh raspberry, white peach medicine flower, raspberry medicine flower, freeze dried raspberry.


    Vanilla Berry – fresh berries.


    Strawberry - fresh strawberries, freeze dried strawberry.


    Lemon & Passionfruit - fresh lemon, fresh passionfruit, lemon medicine flower.


    Blackberry Maqui Mango– fresh blackberries, fresh mango, mango medicine flower, maqui powder.


    Blueberry Lemon - fresh blueberries, fresh lemon, blueberry medicine flower, lemon medicine flower, blueberry powder.